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The Highsman Mentality

Highsman is here to bridge the gap between cannabis and sports culture by paving a path for athletes and fans to proudly own their relationship with marijuana. ‍ The seed for Highsman was planted years ago when Ricky chose authenticity over the common mindset about what it takes to be successful. He made his departure from professional football in 2004, and while many saw this as a deviation from greatness, Ricky was blazing a new trail towards the future he ultimately wanted.

History of Highsman

Ongoing scrutiny by the NFL and sports fans alike helped him define what his role would be in deepening the ties between sports and cannabis. It became his mission to educate people on the plethora of benefits associated with cannabis and eliminate any negative stigmas or false stereotypes that have existed from past generations.

What does it mean to Spark Greatness? It’s something inherent within all of us, but the realization of that “Greatness” genuinely begins when you prioritize being true to yourself - no matter how you define it.

Where It’s At

In order to find cannabis with the high-quality standards worthy of the Highsman brand, Ricky ran hundreds of strains through multiple testing sessions. The lineup you see today is made of Ricky’s hand-picked favorites.

Though categorized under the commonly known styles, Sativa (Pregame), Hybrid (Halftime), and Indica (Postgame), there is a lot of thought put into the terpene profile of each flower selected by Ricky.

The goal for each strain is to help people express a different Highsman mentality at key moments throughout their day. Unique terpene profiles provide energizing effects through euphoria to calming relaxation.  There is a style for every situation.

So, where can you find Highsman cannabis today?

Ricky Williams wearing a santa suit


Being one of the most iconic cannabis scenes in the world today, Highsman chose California as their breakout market.

On November 13th, Ricky hosted a meet & greet at Planet13 Orange County, a cannabis superstore entertainment complex in Santa Ana. And in December, he returned to the largest dispensary in California, dressed as St. Rickolaus to spread holiday cheer, giving out gifts to customers and staff. It was a great opportunity to speak with fans and hear their stories, particularly how cannabis or Ricky has personally affected their lives.

The Highsman strains can also be found on the shelves of The Pottery, a classy cannabis store in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles. As an up-scale dispensary in California, The Pottery is a perfect representation and match for the high-level cannabis that Highsman produces.

And don’t worry if you’re not close to Planet13 OC or the Pottery, these aren’t the only options in Cali. There are more retailers in the region where you can find Highsman right now. Check out the store finder to locate the closest dispensary to you.


In Oregon, you'll find Highsman at various Kaleafa stores. The multi-store operator added Highsman to its lineup of quality products on November 20th and received an incredibly positive response from cannabis connoisseurs and fans alike.

Another location is Sweet Tree Farms, one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon. Founded in 2015, the company is recognized for its knowledgeable budtenders who now have Highsman to recommend to their loyal customer base.

You can also find Highsman at Elev8, a quality first dispensary in Eugene. They state on their website that they "curate only the very best products from the very best people in the business," which says a lot.

But that’s not all of the stores in Oregon that Highsman is stocked. With new shops being added regularly, the most up-to-date list of retailers can be found on our Highsman store locator.

Plans for the Future

And with new products continuously rolling out, the growth doesn’t stop there. The Highsman team is working hard to bring their flower-products to legal markets across the country. Keep an eye out as new states get added to the Highsman store locator so you don’t miss an upcoming release.


What to Expect from Highsman

To stay updated on all things Highsman and Ricky Williams, sign up below and be notified of updates to the Highsman Future Events Calendar. By doing so, you’ll never miss an Instagram Live, in-person event, or special product drop!

If you’re in one of the following regions, be sure to stop in for a Meet & Greet with Ricky at these locations:

  • 1/8/22 (2 to 4 pm PST): Barbary Coast - San Francisco
  • 1/14/22 (4 to 6 pm PST): Top Crop - Oregon
  • 1/15/22 12 to 2 pm PST): Top Crop - Oregon
  • 1/21/22 (2 to 4 pm PST): The Pottery - Los Angeles

And with the Big Game right around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for something special from the Highsman team.

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