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Sports and Cannabis Collide with Highsman

Launched at a time when cannabis and sports are poised to collide faster than ever, Highsman is positioned to define their shared connection. This emerging brand has a true passion for the plant and is built on the mindset that personal wellness shouldn’t have to be sacrificed. Through a close focus on the relationship between athletes and the benefits cannabis provides, Highsman aims to continue rewriting the definition of holistic relief for physical and mental health.

Hand-selected by Ricky Williams himself, the Highsman cannabis line-up is carefully chosen based on their terpene profiles and beneficial properties. And there is no question that through his experience of choosing cannabis for his own wellness, Ricky has become very familiar with the plant.

Further bridging the gap between cannabis and sports, Highsman offers athletic apparel and accessories. The merchandise includes a range of styles from hoodies and joggers to a classy take on the always popular Letterman Jacket. With multiple drops planned with a variety of key partners, you can expect your Highsman collection to grow as quickly as the brand itself.

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