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Highsman is Changing the Game

Highsman is about providing an elevated experience with quality in mind, from the carefully selected cannabis through the attention-demanding apparel. The athlete-focused, purpose-driven brand is dedicated to an appreciation for greatness in every facet of life. By normalizing the crossover between sports and cannabis, Highsman is positioned to flip the script and redefine their relationship.

The line-up of flower products is personally determined by Ricky Williams, offering a hand curated-cannabis experience. After years of advocating for the legalization and normalization of cannabis use, he has become an expert in the field.

Along with high-quality cannabis, the Highsman brand features apparel and accessories. The brand launched a variety of styles, including a varsity jacket, t-shirts, and other sports-inspired streetwear. Through strategic partnerships with other cannabis brands, like Jeeter, there will always be unique product drops to look forward to.

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